Perfect Light – April 3rd


Sometimes you snap a photo at the right time. Perfect lighting or reflection or action shot, and you just know. This is one for me. A little bit of comfort as we wait patiently for some strong storms that are expected today. There was already a tornado this morning in St. Louis, praying for all who have damage to their homes or cars. That’s the only thing that is not the best about living in Southwest Missouri, storms. And we get some bad ones, so you might say a prayer for all who are under warnings or watches today and tonight.

Have a blessed day!

C Street – March 11th


Ever since I went down and served at the Missouri Hotel, C Street has been on my heart. It is a place that can use a revival and since it is in the middle of Springfield it is starting to be a meeting place for the cool folks. It has been interesting to mingle with everyone that calls C Street home. Just a couple thoughts today, where my heart is.

Oh and if you were wondering, I still go done on a weekly basis and serve at the Missouri Hotel. It is one of the things I did as a new thing that has become a regular activity.

Have a blessed day!

Prayer Night – February 14th


Today’s new thing was decidedly different, not food related or a new place, but a new event. A time of prayer with new friends, sisters in Christ from all walks of life, different churches and different backgrounds. But a beautiful collection of God’s daughters! Truly an honor to pray with and for them tonight, to make new friends, to laugh and enjoy good food. What a beautiful thing, and it beats sitting at home and eating an entire box of chocolate and feeling sorry for yourself. Sorry the photo is blurry.

Have a blessed evening!

Bright and Shining Tuesday – August 20th


It is another bright blue sun shining kind of day here in the Ozarks. I send that to the areas of the world where there is too much rain and flooding. My heart goes out to you and my prayers as well. We had some flooding here a few weeks ago and it was heartbreaking for the communities that were effected. I can remember growing up and seeing the effects of water, especially seeing homes crash down cliffs when there was too much rain in California. So sad…

But on a completely different note we are suppose to have a Blue Moon tonight, here’s hoping that it will be a clear night so I can see it.

Also, back to the sad news, and this is something that weighs heavy on my heart, mostly because I lived in Chicago and love that city. There was this horrible shooting on the steps of a church yesterday, 5 men were shot. Every time I hear these stories it just hurts because it just shouldn’t be this way. It just shouldn’t. From what I understand the church, Uptown Baptist Church, was serving a meal for the homeless in the area. It just hurts the heart at times. I may not live in Chicago right now, but it holds a place of special significance in my heart and so I will pray for the city, and for its people.

Just a few things on my heart and mind today, I guess I am the eternal optimist because I hope so much better for our world.
Have a blessed day!