Phelps Grove Park – May 20th


This is the beautiful rose garden at Phelps Grove Park in Springfield. It’s a lovely place, there aren’t very many roses yet, hasn’t been hot enough. But back to the garden. It is really beautiful, filled with all kind of flowers and birds and bees.

Have a blessed day!


Happy Friday – August 9th


It’s Friday and its not raining! I actually can see slivers of sun through the clouds. But as I sit here and pack more and more I am actually starting to look forward to the move and to having so much more space. But I never realized how much stuff you accumulate after living in one place for a while. As long as it doesn’t rain. It’s an interesting season, I have several friends that are in the same season of life I am in moving to new places, both locally and across the country. I look forward to hearing about the new adventures that are happening in their lives and getting to share about my new adventures too.
I hope for all of you that it is a blessed Friday and that you have an even greater weekend! May it be filled with all that August brings! Do something fun, get out there and enjoy some time without the worries that so want to weigh us all down. I know I will!

Have a blessed day!

Rain Drops of Pink Roses – August 8th


Rain, rain go away,
Come again another day.

I can remember singing this as a child every time it would rain on a weekend. Mostly because I wanted to be able to go out and play. I guess I never realized how long ago it was written, sometime in the 17th century or earlier. Just imagine how many people have sung this little nursery rhyme over its many years.
But seriously, we need the rain to stop for a couple of days so everything can dry out just a little bit. And because I am tired of waking up to the gloomy grey skies.

Have a blessed day!