A Rural Missouri Walk – June 16th


Yesterday to celebrate Father’s Day I went home to rural Missouri. My Grandpa is an has been the only real Father in my life and I am so blessed for it. He is this sweet little old man who has always told me that I am special and have value. Something that not everyone hears in their life. Although I hope that is the case, I hop there are people in your life who are filling you up with words of encouragement. But back to my Grandpa, he has had his health issues recently so he can’t drive anymore and has to have someone live with him (my wonderful Mom) to make sure he is taken care of. I asked him what he wanted to do and he said take a walk and go fishing, so we made that happen. Didn’t catch anything but got to enjoy some lovely time together and talk and laugh and take some cute photos. I snapped the photo of the horses while out walking, they came running up to us, apparently when my Grandpa goes out and walks he takes carrots with him and they know it!


And one final photo, three generations of my family.


Have a blessed day!