What a difference a few months make…

This photo was taken in November the bottom image was taken today.

What a difference all that snow makes…

Stay warm out there friends, and never stop exploring!

Before The Storm – January 8th


Really wanting to go back and take a photo of this place now, it is probably covered in snow, took this the day before we got more. What a beautiful place to walk among the trees and nature and just listen. I do so enjoy the peace and quiet of nature, although it really isn’t quiet when you are in nature. It is alive and active, full of sounds. Birds and rushing water and my footsteps in the snow. So much sound but so peaceful all at the same time.

Have a blessed day!

Baby It’s Cold Outside – January 6th


Baby, it’s cold outside! So cold and so windy. You know I would have thought I would have missed out on this when I moved from Chicago, but nope. I am now so thankful for the garage I have because I didn’t have to shovel my car out. I seriously wish I lived in the Southern Hemisphere right now, at least it’s warm there. I have a really good friend who lives in South Africa and we were exchanging photos of our Christmas’ and they were having a braai or BBQ and I was so jealous! Oh well, maybe someday I will get to live somewhere warmer, without snow. Then again maybe not…

Stay safe and warm out there!

Have a blessed day!
Heather ❄❄❄

The Weather Calls For Warm Boots – January 4th


Our weather of late has called for warm boots, but at least they are pretty. I have several pairs, all very useful when my goal for the next year is to grow my photography skills. So today was spent exploring in the woods near my house. The sounds of rushing water, wind through bare trees and the call of a eagle. So many colorful birds to, blue birds, cardinals and wood peckers. Fluttering about, calling to their mates. What a beautiful thing. Tomorrow more exploring, in the snow. This too is a beautiful thing…

Have a blessed day!

The Snow Falls Like Glitter – January 2nd


So, I am sitting at work and I feel the sun on my face. This is interesting because we have had snow and clouds for the last day and a half. But there was a break in the clouds and the snow was shining through. I turned my head and looked out the window and it looked like it was snowing glitter. Floating down from the sky, breathtaking! I sat and watched it for the entire time it was like that. You know, I could have ignored the sun, but I didn’t and it reminded me just how much I love creation. The beauty of it just fills my soul. And honestly sometimes I just stand there and say thank you God, what a beautiful thing you have given us.

I hope that you will see something that fills your soul today with awe and wonder, something breathtaking!

Have a blessed day!

Ps. The photo doesn’t do what I saw justice…

Christmas Flurries – December 23rd


Merry Christmas Eve Eve!! We had pre-Christmas flurries today. They were so beautiful to watch fall softly to the ground. To sit and listen to the water rush pass from the snow and ice that has already melted. It wouldn’t be Missouri if it was almost 60 degrees one day and then 20 the next day with a wind chill. It was so cold but so worth it to just experience. It may not be a white Christmas but it was enjoyable.

Have a blessed day!

Chicago, Again – December 20th


Snapped this shot of beautiful Chicago last weekend. Such a beautiful city! Hope to return soon. I just love walking around this city. I wish I could bottle it and bring some of it back to Missouri with me. But alas, I can’t…

Just in case you are wondering that lovely tall building in the middle of the picture is the Hancock Building. Also has a awesome restaurant in it called the Signature Room, really, really good food. And it has beautiful views of the city at night. The lights of the city actually twinkle, kind of like you are above the stars.

We are prepping for a weekend of rain and freezing rain and thunderstorms down here. Should be very interesting. It’s been so warm here, that 11 inches of snow have vanished in a few days, but that’s what you get when it goes from being really, really cold to the 60’s in a few days. Oh well, you know what they say: if you don’t like the weather, wait an hour it will change. And here comes the rain…

I hope wherever you are the Christmas shopping is done and gifts are wrapped and its a beautiful blue skies day!

Have a blessed day!