Clouds and Light – June 27th


Because clouds and rays of light are beautiful! This is beautiful. I remember standing in the parking lot at the park and just being stunned by how beautiful this was. I enjoy clouds and bright blue skies. I can remember that when I was younger I would just stand there and snap shots of them like crazy. Thankful to live in a place where there isn’t to many tall buildings that block the sky.

Have a blessed day!

Ruffles – June 25th


I love the soft ruffles that daylily’s have. Beautiful ruffled edges with petals that sparkle in the sun. It’s a beautiful time of the year.

In July I will be in Chicago for vacation, I’m getting really excited. The opportunity to be in that city and drink in the culture and sounds and sights. How exciting and how I need to break from busy life. But in the mean time I shall enjoy my lovely garden community and blue skies.

Have a blessed day!

Dogwoods Against A Blue Sky – April 25th


Our skies are particularly bright blue today. No filter or color correction needed! A lovely bright blue that says the warm days are her to stay, and will bring with them days at the lake, thunderstorms and suntans (or in my case, sunburns!). I snapped this photo of this dogwood tree out in the woods today, the white of the dogwood against the blue sky was so pretty.

Have a blessed day!

Feeling a Bit Tropical – April 22nd


I don’t know what this tree is, and it’s defiantly not tropical, this is Southwest Missouri after all. But for some reason the blossoms on it look tropical to me. They look like something you would wear in your hair or make a lei out of. I think I just need to go somewhere tropical, with flowers in my hair and a drink with a umbrella in it, perhaps pineapple juice. I really what to put my toes in some warm sand and smell the salt in the air. Perhaps that will happen this summer. Anyone else need a vacation? Surely I can’t be the only one.

Have a blessed day!

Perfect Light – April 3rd


Sometimes you snap a photo at the right time. Perfect lighting or reflection or action shot, and you just know. This is one for me. A little bit of comfort as we wait patiently for some strong storms that are expected today. There was already a tornado this morning in St. Louis, praying for all who have damage to their homes or cars. That’s the only thing that is not the best about living in Southwest Missouri, storms. And we get some bad ones, so you might say a prayer for all who are under warnings or watches today and tonight.

Have a blessed day!

The James River – May 1st







Happy May 1st, and happy May Day to those who celebrate it. I hope it is as beautiful wherever you are as it is here is southwest Missouri. It is so green here right now, and everyone is outside riding bikes and walking and fishing. I hope that this is the start of a next beautiful couple of months and a warm summer, although not to hot, it does get so humid here. Oh well! Have a blessed day!

James River Trail – April 30th








I think I discovered my new favorite place over the weekend. I have for a long time noticed this trail along the side of the road as I would travel to church on Wednesday’s and Sunday’s. I could never find out how to get to it, so after taking a detour on my way home from church I finally figured out how to get to it. And it did not disappoint! It is lush and green and there is the roar of waterfalls and running water. It was beautiful. So after work my bike and I will be going here to unwind from the stress. And this time I will have to remember to bring the better camera and not just the iPhone. Have a blessed day!