Colorful Fall – September 16th


Fall is always so colorful around here, mostly because our flowers are still in bloom because it is a warmer climate here. And I am so thankful for that. I love getting to walk through the gardens and them still have flowers growing.


I don’t know why I like this photo so much. I think it’s the contrast of the pretty soft pink flowers against the asphalt. One of my favorite combinations is something soft, like flowers, against something hard, like the asphalt. I took another photo this weekend that are these beautiful pink trumpet flowers with a background of windows with bars on them. But I will post that later.

Fall festivals are starting to get started here, we have Cider Days this weekend. It’s on historic Walnut Street and will have all those lovely foods that you eat at festivals like this, and cute little crafts, and bands. It’s going to be so much fun! And even more fun is that y favorite crafter is going to be there, she makes hand made soaps and paints these elaborate designs on pumpkins. Stay tuned for photos! And yes I know it’s only Tuesday, I’m just really excited!

Have a blessed day!

First Friday – September 8th


Every month we have this event called the First Friday Art Walk in downtown Springfield, where all the creatives in Springfield get together and celebrate art. It’s always so much fun and you meet some really interesting people. This month they had fire dancers on the square, very interesting and really cool to watch. Also, something I will never, ever do. I’m very klutzy and have no desire to hurt myself or someone else.

Have a blessed day!

It’s Paying Off – July 2nd


So as I alluded to yesterday, something very exciting has happened in the last month. Twice this month I have been approached about using my photography on two separate websites! And while this is small to most people this is huge to me. I am not a professional photography, I work as a accountant. So it’s been a blessing to watch my little hobby grow and see my work get out there. The latest place you can see my work is on a blog called Love Springfield, you can see it here. My photo and a couple of my words are titled The Water Rush.
So as my little hobby starts to grow and be seen I will share about it here. Interesting how life works, not what I expected, but I will enjoy the ride.

Have a blessed day!

By the way, the photo above is the one that was used. It was taken at the Mizumoto Japanese Stroll Garden here in my city.

My Happy Place – June 19th


Sitting in this place will be my happy place this summer. The pollen has finally dropped off and I don’t need to be stuck inside due to allergies. So now this place, and my favorite bike path will be my happy places. To enjoy nature and get a little sun on my skin, although not in massive amounts, I am a ginger after all!

I hope all of you find your happy place this summer or winter, depending on hemisphere you are in.

Have a blessed day!

That Day… – May 6th


I have decided that I need to learn to charge my camera battery on a more regular basis. I learned that lesson this weekend while out taking photos on Saturday. I’m clicking away until nothing. And in my mind I’m like why isn’t this stupid camera taking photos, there is no reason it shouldn’t be working. And this I look at the screen and it’s black; except for the message that says “battery needs charged”. Oops! So let that be your lesson for the day, charge those batteries…

By the way this phot was snapped at this little garden we have in Springfield. It’s called the Xeriscape Garden. Just this little garden on the corner of a National Avenue, right next to a church. But it is stunning, filled to the brim with flowers and plants.


Now if the grass would not make my eyes itch or cause my nose to sneeze that would be great. But this season is still to stunning to have my allergies keep me in doors!

Have a blessed day and fully charged batteries!

If you need some Spring… – March 31st


If you need some spring and some flowers we are willing to share. I think we have enough to go around. It’s not even April yet and things are starting to bloom like crazy around here. But trust me I am not complaining! I love it, we are going to have a string of days with 70 digress or higher and sunshine. It was so beautiful here yesterday that I pulled my bike out for the first ride of the season. And I was not the only one, the bike path was packed with bikes, walkers and runners enjoying a glorious day in the Ozarks. And the weather gave me the chance to yesterday pull out the #sorryChicago hashtag for all my lovely fiends who are still freezing. Poor things. Oh well, maybe it will be warm there in August…

Have a blessed day!

Hamantash – March 31st


Over the weekend I my new thing was a place and a food, I went to this new bakery in Springfield called Legacy Bagelry and tried a Hamantash. I also got a wild blueberry bagel, but back to the Hamantash, which was absolutely delicious, it’s a filled pocket pastry, not sure what the filling was, either blueberry or date, maybe prune. But oh my gosh, it is now my new favorite thing.



More information about Springfield’s newest bakery can be found here.

Have a blessed day!