I’m Back! – August 19th


So after a month off, and a very fun trip to Chicago, I’m back! I have so many images to share with all of you! I am refreshed and revived and ready to go again.

Have a blessed day!

PS: This image is from a couple weeks before I went to Chicago, but I just think it’s so beautiful I had to share. The lovely Chicago photos will start later today!

Sunset – July 15th


Had to share this picture because sometimes a girl just want to feel the cool breeze on here face, hear the sound of a horse whinny in the distance, the cries of a hawk looking for dinner, and see fireflies blink in some kind of language only they understand. I breathed in deeply yesterday, and it filled up my soul with joy, and even though that soul still has longing for so much more, I breathed in deeply the day yesterday and I am better for it. I hope you all breathe in deeply the day!

Have a blessed day!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Color









Colors, be they bright or pale, they are everywhere in our world. From the pale pink of flowers to the bright oranges and red of sunsets, to the bright blue of my favorite baseball team. I am very thankful we get to see a world in full color. All these photos were taken at a little event we have here in Springfield called ArtWalk, and the art and colors were on full display last night! And I was really excited to see that, Yarn Bombing has swept into our little city as well. Have a blessed day everyone!