Early Riser – October 25th


I actually got my bum out of bed early this morning, second weekend in a row. And thankfully I did, it was such a beautiful morning! It was foggy and everything was covered in dew. Had to share some of the lovely images with all of you.


The trees have been in rare form this year, just beautiful, and every color possible.


Have a blessed day!

2 Years – October 24th


Wow! Today is my 2 year blogging anniversary. Crazy to think how time flies by. And how the photography has grown, but I think I have grown up too. These is a new project I am working on, can’t wait to start sharing it with you. Kind of a change in what I normally do, this photography project actually has people in it.

Thank you to all of you for the nice comments and for following my little corner of the world!

Have a very blessed day!

Early Riser – June 12th


I was up early this morning, which is not normal for me. As I was snuggled up in bed not wanting to get out I noticed a pink hue filling my room. So I looked out the back window and this was the sunrise. It was stunning to see after several days in a row of gray rainy days. And even though this didn’t last, and it is cloud covered again. This made me happy. My first entry on Instagram for #100happydays.

Have a blessed day!

Morning Sunrise – March 27th


I snapped this photo a few days ago, it was stunning! As I was pulling out of my street I looked to the left and there it was. Beautiful. Sunrise always bring so much hope, hope for a new day, new experiences, new joys. I think that spring brings that as well, the hope for newness, revival, new love. So much hope with each new season, especially the ones that bring warmth and flowers.

Have a blessed day!