Weekly Photo Challenge – Twist


This weeks weekly photo challenge is Twist. You can find information about it here. For me this usually means a surprise. Most of the time pretty good, but sometimes bad or scary. As some of you know I love in Southwest Missouri and it can be pretty rural down here as soon as you leave the city. Well, a few weeks ago I was helping my grandpa clean out one of his barns, and so this meant opening boxes to see what was in them. So, I’m minding my own business opening boxes, and what pops out of one if the boxes, well I guess slithering out, a big black snake! Let me tell you I dropped that box and ran screaming in the other direction.
So these photos would be along that same line. Sorry didn’t get a photo of the snake, but did get a photo of the pretty peony I was smelling that had a big spider in it!


Never a dull moment in this place, that’s all I have to say!

Have a blessed day!

By the way, my furry little friend is a jumping spider…

Weekly Photo Challenge – Reflections


This weeks Weekly Photo Challenge is all about Reflections. More information or if you want to participate you can find it here. Personally I love this challenge. It’s always so cool when you can capture a good reflection in something, mostly mine are in the water but they are lovely. I think I have a good capture from each season. Enjoy!




Have a blessed day!

Weekly Photo Challenge – Eerie

This weeks Weekly Photo Challenge is Eerie. There is this place I love to go walk at, it is fully covered in trees and you can here water and wind and animals crushing leaves. But I finally walked on the part long enough to see this abandoned structure.


It’s really quite eerie to me. You can tell by the spray paint that people go out there to throw parties or whatever else it is that they like to do.


The one thing I did notice is it was so quite out there, no wind, no water, no animal sounds, nothing. That made it even more interesting and eerie to me.


It’s funny how abandoned places make your mind wonder to scary things…

Have a blessed day!

Weekly Photo Challenge – Companionable


The Weekly Photo Challenge this week is Companionable. I actually don’t own this furry companion, but she has been my house guest so much recently that she almost feels like she belongs to me. She is frequently sleepy, as you can see from the photos. If you want to see other entries for the week you can see them at The Daily Post.



Have a blessed day!

Weekly Photo Challenge – From Above




This week’s photo challenge is “from above”. When I think of from above I think of being at a great height and looking down. Whether from a plane or on a cliff looking over a waterfall or looking inside of a tulip. All of these things are what from above means to me. While in a plane you have a view from above the clouds down on an earth that looks like a patchwork quilt in varying shades of brown, green and blue. To the roar of water as it flows over rocks and crashes to the bottom and continues on down the river to its next destination. To the view above and looking down into a tulip at the inside of it at the stamens and stigmas and seeing the grains of pollen. All of these things means from above to me, as well as some other things!