The Last Days of Summer – August 26th


It’s the last days of summer here, and boy is it hot! Go figure it’s hot and humid the week I move to a new house. Oh well, I will just have to make sure everyone is hydrated…

I captured this beautiful shot this weekend. It’s been so hot and humid here that I have only been able to go out later in the evening. Like I said the last days of summer. Very soon that familiar chill will be in the air, and it will be time to fall back. That ran through my head this morning when I was making hot tea this morning. And then; even scarier, Christmas will be here…

Have a blessed day!

To The Sun From A Flower – May 30th

It was a beautiful day here, up until the point that the heavens opened up. Now we are inundated with water, and flash flood warnings have been issued. I did at least get to enjoy taking some lovely photos before the rain came though. They are truly doing some lovely things in the Masters Garden.


A little poem for a rainy evening here in Southwest Missouri.

From Belgium:
To The Sun From A Flower by Guido Gezelle
translated by Jethro Bithell

O Sun, when I stand in my green leaves,
With my petals full of dew,
And you fare forth in your splendor,
My blossoming heart looks to you.

When, on the red dawn throning,
The world at your feet you view,
Forget not the little flower
That waits and watches for you.


It’s always so much fun to sit and enjoy a good book of poetry, especially one filled with such good poems. The current book is Favorite Poems Old And New selected by Helen Ferris, published in 1957 and bought at the Library sales for $1! I do so love a good bargain.



I think my next read will be Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan. I do so love the classics of literature. Just the way they are written is so much different then modern literature.



Have a blessed evening!

The Masters Garden at Sunset – May 2nd






Today’s photos were taken last night at the Masters Garden at the Springfield Greene County Botanical Center. The gardens are starting to look so beautiful. All of the worker who take care of the gardens do such an awesome job. From perfectly manicured lawns to the care and design of the gardens, they are amazing. And I don’t think people tell them that enough. If you are ever in my area of the world I would recommend that you visit the gardens. Have a blessed day!