Springfield Square – March 7th


I went down to my favorite new donut place a couple nights ago and walked around on our square and snapped this photo. I just love the way the sign on top of the history museum looks against the blue sky. Spring is not that far off now, starting to see signs of it everywhere. And all the snow that we got is already melted.

On a much more love your neighbor note, on Monday when I came home from work one of my neighbors had shoveled my driveway. Don’t know which one did it but it made me smile. This means the neighbors are getting some sweet treats, on both sides because I don’t know which one did it!

Have a blessed day!

Quotes on Life – February 5th


“Do what you love. Know your own bone; gnaw at it, bury it, unearth it, and gnaw it still.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

Such a good quote from Thoreau on my current season of life, really trying to figure myself out. It is good to really understand what you want and need and what you love. Have much expectation for this year.

This photo was taken last summer at the Chicago Botanical Gardens. What a beautiful place, will be visiting again this spring.

Have a blessed day!

Stay tuned, later I will be doing my new thing for the day!

Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield – February 1st


Today’s New Thing was to go to Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield. It has a 5 mile trail around the battlefield with tons of stops to hear about what happened there.


They have a visitors center with a museum where you can read all about the battle that took place here.


My favorite part was to just go and walk around in the woods and here the birds and see all the historical markers. If you are ever in the area and want to visit you can find information here.

It was a very moody day here, foggy and rainy. But overall a very enjoyable experience and one I think I will have to repeat because it was just so quiet out there. I am really looking forward to the next new thing. I have been planning out my month and coming up with ideas. I’m excited to try some new things, even things that are out of my comfort zone. It will be worth it in the end, a growing experience. I think sometimes I get in this comfortable rut and never really experience life. I want to actually experience life and not just let it fly by in a blur.

Have a blessed day!

Something New Everyday – January 31st


My Birthday is in February and I have decided I am going to try something new each day for the entire month. I don’t know that it will be big things, but brave things I think is what I am actually want to do. Trying new foods and activities outside of my comfort zone, because it takes being brave and actually doing it. I think as I go alone I will post things about my new daily thing here, just for the fun of it and accountability, and because maybe it will birth in me a desire to continue this beyond just February. Which is my hope in the midst of this year!

For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland. (Isaiah 43:19 NLT)

Have a blessed day!

Light and Dark – January 27th


I love the light in this photo, it is so bright reflected off the river. Quite a bit like what I believe about God, that he is so light, that the light reflects off of Him in a bright and shining way. What a beautiful thing to think that in the midst of darkness there is light. You don’t really notice it until you are in a room that is completely dark, and then the lights on your electronics fill the room with light, not bright but it’s there. I love light, I think it is because I long for light, both literally and figuratively. I long for the light of the sun because its warm and bright. But I think I long for the true light even more, the light that stamps out darkness in all areas of life. The light that is God! It is the deepest longing of my soul for that light because it is a life giving light.

There are so many verses in the Bible that speak of light, one of my favorites is:

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”
John 1:5 ESV

May you all experience light in some way today, and may it warm your souls.

Have a blessed day!

The Views Are For Free – January 23rd


The last couple of mornings and evenings have been cold but the views have been glorious. I like to call them technicolor clouds. I have to thank God for them because it really is how I connect with Him. I snapped this shot while I was filling my gas tank, and I was struck with how beautiful it was. It reminds me that I sometimes feel like each beautiful thing I see in nature is like a bear hug from God. It’s like he is saying look at what I have done, isn’t it gorgeous, and remember that you are so much more beautiful and important to me. What a wondrous thought that He cares so much. Even when life is hard, I have to think He is all that much closer to you when you are in the midst of the valley.

On a completely unrelated topic I saw the most beautiful picture of peace in the midst of the protests in the Ukraine. You can see it here. What a image to see this priest standing in between the protesters and the security forces. I just can’t get over it. It’s very true that blessed are the peacemakers.

Have a blessed day!