Nathanel Green Park – July 22nd

I love this spot. Sitting here listen to the rush of the water…

Have a blessed day!


Photography 101: Water


So for today’s post about Water I had to post this photo. It was snapped at a local park called Sequiota Park. I love this park every time I visit it, even though I don’t visit very much. It has this path around a lake where you go back into the woods that surround the lake. At one point on the path you have to go up and over big rocky crag and you can see over the lake. Well today I noticed the plants that are growing up under the water. It was like a garden under the water, and gave the water a teal hue.

Have a blessed day!

Rain Drops of Pink Roses – August 8th


Rain, rain go away,
Come again another day.

I can remember singing this as a child every time it would rain on a weekend. Mostly because I wanted to be able to go out and play. I guess I never realized how long ago it was written, sometime in the 17th century or earlier. Just imagine how many people have sung this little nursery rhyme over its many years.
But seriously, we need the rain to stop for a couple of days so everything can dry out just a little bit. And because I am tired of waking up to the gloomy grey skies.

Have a blessed day!

The James River – May 1st







Happy May 1st, and happy May Day to those who celebrate it. I hope it is as beautiful wherever you are as it is here is southwest Missouri. It is so green here right now, and everyone is outside riding bikes and walking and fishing. I hope that this is the start of a next beautiful couple of months and a warm summer, although not to hot, it does get so humid here. Oh well! Have a blessed day!

James River Trail – April 30th








I think I discovered my new favorite place over the weekend. I have for a long time noticed this trail along the side of the road as I would travel to church on Wednesday’s and Sunday’s. I could never find out how to get to it, so after taking a detour on my way home from church I finally figured out how to get to it. And it did not disappoint! It is lush and green and there is the roar of waterfalls and running water. It was beautiful. So after work my bike and I will be going here to unwind from the stress. And this time I will have to remember to bring the better camera and not just the iPhone. Have a blessed day!