Weekly Photo Challenge – Beginning


What a Beautiful Beginning!

This weeks Weekly Photo Challenge is Beginning! And we had a beautiful beginning this morning.
You can find the Weekly Photo Challenge here.

The windows were letting in a beautiful golden glow this morning. Loved it! I love that feeling of a golden glow coming in my windows in the morning, helps me to wake up. And I think it is even more golden because we have snow on the group here.

Have a blessed day!


Weekly Photo Challenge – Eerie

This weeks Weekly Photo Challenge is Eerie. There is this place I love to go walk at, it is fully covered in trees and you can here water and wind and animals crushing leaves. But I finally walked on the part long enough to see this abandoned structure.


It’s really quite eerie to me. You can tell by the spray paint that people go out there to throw parties or whatever else it is that they like to do.


The one thing I did notice is it was so quite out there, no wind, no water, no animal sounds, nothing. That made it even more interesting and eerie to me.


It’s funny how abandoned places make your mind wonder to scary things…

Have a blessed day!

Weekly Photo Challenge – From Lines to Patterns

This weeks Weekly Photo Challenge is From Lines to Patterns.

You can find the challenge at The Daily Post.

I thought and thought about what I wanted to do and then Friday evening was given my subject.



This sunset was amazing, the colors looked like strokes of a paint brush against the sky. It was spectacular!



It brought a huge smile to my face because I love colorful sunrises and sunsets. I just stood out there and watched the light fade to darkness until all the colors had faded. What a beautiful way to end the summer here in Missouri.

Have a blessed day!

Weekly Photo Challenge – Focus

This weeks Weekly Photo Challenge from the the Daily Post is Focus. Love this challenge, I’ve been trying to work on finding different places to focus my shots.

Here are a couple of shots from the last few weeks.



I love the focus of these two shots and the colors too!

Have a blessed day!


Weekly Photo Challenge – The Golden Hour


This weeks Weekly Photo Challenge is The Golden Hour. I love this challenge! Mostly because I just love light an how to use it to make photography better.


I love how at these specific hours your pictures always have so much warmth. The golden glow of the sun is amazing.


Have a blessed day!

Weekly Photo Challenge – Companionable


The Weekly Photo Challenge this week is Companionable. I actually don’t own this furry companion, but she has been my house guest so much recently that she almost feels like she belongs to me. She is frequently sleepy, as you can see from the photos. If you want to see other entries for the week you can see them at The Daily Post.



Have a blessed day!