Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield – February 1st


Today’s New Thing was to go to Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield. It has a 5 mile trail around the battlefield with tons of stops to hear about what happened there.


They have a visitors center with a museum where you can read all about the battle that took place here.


My favorite part was to just go and walk around in the woods and here the birds and see all the historical markers. If you are ever in the area and want to visit you can find information here.

It was a very moody day here, foggy and rainy. But overall a very enjoyable experience and one I think I will have to repeat because it was just so quiet out there. I am really looking forward to the next new thing. I have been planning out my month and coming up with ideas. I’m excited to try some new things, even things that are out of my comfort zone. It will be worth it in the end, a growing experience. I think sometimes I get in this comfortable rut and never really experience life. I want to actually experience life and not just let it fly by in a blur.

Have a blessed day!