Super Sweet Blogger Award!!!


I have been nominated for a Super Sweet Blogger Award! I am so excited and very thankful to Brenda over at Friendly Fairy Tales for the nomination. I love all you are doing over at your blog!

So apparently I have some questions to answer, all about sweets!

1) Cookies or cake? Both? For me cookies definitely.
2) Chocolate or vanilla? Vanilla, hands down! I am not exactly a chocolate lover, I know it’s weird! 😉
3) Favorite sweet treat? This is a toss up actually, I really love a cookie I make, oatmeal blueberry (they have fresh blueberries in it, so good) or my summertime favorite right now the Blackberry Concrete from Andy’s Frozen Custard (if you don’t have one near you I am so sorry, it is the best cool treat)!
4) When do you crave sweet things the most? Well, it’s not all the time for me, I usually like them at the end of a long work week. I think everyone needs a treat at the end of a long week!
5) Sweet nick name? Sweetie Pie, by this sweet little older man I work with, he’s kind of like a godparent to me.

And now the nominations:

Lindy at Photographic Rhodes
Amy at The World Is A Book
Lyn and Michael at LynMicPhoto
Unexpected In Common Hours
Schelley at What is it?!?
Sylvia at My Butterfly Collection
Random Thoughts Through My Photos
Herman at Green C Productions
Granny and the Bald Guy
Colline at Colline’s Blog
Mona at 22 Flowers
Susan at Licht Years
Teresa at Because of Christ Inspirational Poetry

All of you are very deserving of nominations. I love all that you do and really enjoy your blogs!
Everyone should check these people and their blogs out. Very cool stuff!

Again, I am so excited and thankful! I especially want to thank my almost 300 followers, I appreciate all of you and your likes and comments. Who knew a blog sharing my photography would bring me so much joy. I love getting to share my little corner of the world with all of you wherever in the world you are!


Have a blessed evening!

5 thoughts on “Super Sweet Blogger Award!!!

  1. Great job on your acceptance, love the lilies! Such an unusual color. Thanks for the mention! I’ll be checking out some of your nominations soon. Peace, joy and vanilla!

    • Thanks! We have this beautiful garden here that is just Lillies, I need to actually look at the names though, but I agree I had never seen anything quite like them.

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